Sound and Meditation: Students will be encouraged to bring awareness to their own bodies through sound. Anita will use tones, soft rhythms and silence as a backdrop for each participant’s mindfulness practice.

Mindful Movement & Meditation: Can we feel the subtlest of shifts in the body? Can we stir and awaken while we simultaneously quiet and soothe. Wherever you are is perfect. Part of the class explores gentle movements – exploratory, intuitive and nourishing in nature. There is an eventual shift to stillness and guided meditation where we use our Sotto Voce (quiet voice) in a supportive community.

Community: These classes are free and taught by community teachers. A new teacher will be featured each month.

All online meditation classes are 30 minutes long and cost $15. You can sign up for and purchase classes at Octopus Garden Yoga .


Date Time Class and Teacher
Monday 1-1:30pm Rochelle Miller
Monday 5-5:30pm Pat Harada Linfoot
Tuesday 1-1:30am Shir Givoni
Tuesday 5-5:30pm Sound and Meditation with Anita Katakkar
Wednesday 1-1:30pm Move & Meditate with Jen Helland
Wednesday 5-5:30pm Josh Cohen
Thursday 1-1:30pm Tracy Heffernan
Thursday 5-5:30pm Community (Free)
Friday 1-1:30pm Marco Fiorante
Sunday 12:15-12:45pm Community

Sign up for meditation classes with our partner studios, Octopus Garden Yoga or Downward Dog Yoga Centre

All classes cost $8 or $35 for a 5-class pack, except for the Community classes, which are free. All classes are recorded and a recording will be sent out to anyone registered for the class afterwards.


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